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Satisfy Alexis and Olivia: the discerning eyes behind goop sociala€™s aesthetically engaging Instagram feed, the lightning-fast thumbs in commentary, the women packing the a€?link in bio.a€?

Together with the pals at Samsung

Fulfill Alexis and Olivia: the discriminating vision behind goop sociala€™s aesthetically engaging Instagram feed, the lightning-fast thumbs in the comments, the girls loading the a€?link in bio.a€? Theya€™re additionally bicoastal, which, thinking about the possible correspondence issues, makes them much more remarkable. Those two go above that makes it worka€”theya€™ve perfected the long-distance dancing. We questioned just what their unique secret is actually for remaining in touch, remaining grounded, and the majority of significantly: staying together with her posting routine. These are the resources, tech, and guidelines they depend on to get it done.


social media marketing strategist

a€?i usually joke that Ia€™m in two relationships: You will find my personal boyfriend, and then We have could work wife. The main tutorial that Alexis and that I have discovered is to overcommunicate. Since wea€™re maybe not at work together, we be sure to video talk or chat in the mobile day by day.a€?

a€?we develop some information for the personal channel, and so I need a cam thata€™s around the duty. Ia€™m really inside Single consider ability, which utilizes AI to capture the best images of every three- to ten-second scene (wide-angle, close-ups, videosa€”options!). Ita€™s around because cool just like the folding windows monitor.a€?

a€?I never ever get on a daily basis without swallowing a couple of these, gives me personally alike psychological increase as a walk. They taste very gooda€”I really enjoy the 3 p.m. slump so I can sneak another.a€?

a€?exercising is very important in my opinion, specifically since Ia€™m not taking walks both to and from any office. Ia€™ve been using these to escalate my personal at-home Pilates meeting and night strollsa€™ one-pound might appear to be little, although burn says otherwise.a€?

a€?i do believe I spend more times on Slack than whatever else in my own life. Ita€™s faster much less conventional than mail, together with nonwork banter is pretty fun, tooa€”shout-out on the #goop-pets station.a€?

a€?once I noticed these on GP at a virtual all-hands a couple of months back, I know I got receive them. Ia€™ve constantly privately need cups, and they gave me the most perfect justification to use the look. Plus, they filter bluish light to aid minimize the possibility drawbacks of staring at screens all daya€”which is an activity of an occupational hazard for me personally.a€?


social media manager

a€?When WFH began, i do believe our team got they convenient than mosta€”we are already familiar with functioning with each other while physically divided. But we did create one biggest modification: We now put aside time and energy to work out together no less than once or twice per week, even in the event ita€™s just a fifteen-minute flow between meetings.a€?

a€?we knocked my personal java routine sometime straight back, but we nevertheless want to sip things hot and tasty to start your day. The original turmeric latte combination from Golde is actually sooo great, specifically mixed into some frothy almond whole milk.a€?

a€?This face roller is one of the best circumstances maintaining me personally sane lately (ita€™s my substitute for nail-biting). Often you can capture me depuffing during Zoom phone calls.a€?

a€?i enjoy all types of going. After finishing up work, youra€™ll often find me back at my home flooring, massaging my back or legs. As soon as Ia€™m experience super tight-fitting, this LoRox workout was magic.a€?

a€?Ia€™m far more successful once I need multiple minutesa€”like, actually five do the tricka€”in the early morning to reflect. Ita€™s very easy: I just log on to my personal quiet app and choose a meditation that suits my personal mood.a€?

a€?Meeting records, to-do lists, important deadlinesa€¦it all goes in here. I really like just how half the web pages tend to be governed plus the spouse tend to be blank (did you navigate to this site know you can find advantageous assets to doodling?).a€?